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Magic Ion Ball

Magic Ion Ball

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Touch electrostatic magic ball home decoration flash ball tall magic lamp negative ion luminous ball
Product Details
-Name: Magic Ion Ball
-Material: ABS base + glass sphere
-Power supply mode: plug-in model
Can be equipped with its own adapter to convert the power mode
Working principle: Connect to the power supply, its shell is a high-strength glass shell, the ball is filled with thin inert gas, and there is a black spherical electrode in the center of the glass ball. There is an oscillating circuit board at the bottom of the ball, which converts 5V low-voltage direct current into high-voltage and high-frequency voltage through a power converter and applies it to the electrodes. After energization, the arc formed by the electrode and high voltage excitation of the inert gas produces a light beam, so the light generated is like some radiating glow, which is colorful and radiant, and is very beautiful in the dark.
When the ion ball works, a field similar to a point charge is formed around the electrode in the center of the ball. When the ball is touched with the hand (the person is connected to the earth), the electric field and potential distribution around the ball are no longer uniform and symmetrical, so the glow becomes brighter around the finger, and the arc generated moves along with the touch of the hand. Move and twist, dancing with the movement of your fingers.
Instructions for use :
1. Prevent hard objects from hitting the ball, and try to avoid using it in humid places. When placed, the surface of the ball should be kept at least 0.5 meters away from other electronic equipment and large conductors (such as metal cabinets, metal racks, goldfish tanks, etc.) distance to eliminate possible interference and influence on the operation of the lamp. When there is dust on the surface, you can gently wipe it with a slightly soft damp cloth after turning off the power, and wait until the surface of the sphere is dry before using it again.
2. There is a high-voltage generator inside the machine. If there is a fault, please do not open the base without authorization. It should be checked by a professional repairman.
3. In order to use this product for a longer period of time and prevent the ball from overheating, it is recommended that the continuous power-on time should not exceed 2 hours at a time.
4. When touching the surface of the glass sphere, please do not stand still. Staying still for a long time will cause the sphere to overheat. It is recommended to stay somewhere for no more than 10 seconds.
5. We will pack it very tightly to ensure that it is foolproof, but there will be bumps during the express delivery. You can shake it gently when receiving the package. If you hear the sound of glass shards and other broken pieces, you may refuse to sign!

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